Common Courtesy When Cigarette Smoking
There's nothing like being able to drive along with the windows rolled down and the Moose cranked up. It's a sure sign of spring and when I get to do it, it literally can put me in a great mood. There is one thing that can change all that... cigarettes.
Is it Okay to Smoke Outside at Take-Out Provided Tables?
Here's something that came up this weekend. Me and Alexis, my 12-year old, went out to eat. I don't think the location matters, because I really don't want to single somebody out, because I think it's a larger question. The question? When eating at a take-out spot (food and ice c…
Greg Michaels is Officially Off of All Nicotine!
You may have read my posts or heard me talk about quitting smoking. Now I'm comfortable with graduating to the next level. Stopping smoking and getting off nicotine are two different adventures in quitting, at least for me. When you go from smoking to the patch or gum you are happy you're no longer …

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