Check me out... I'm swinging in Mexico ^ ... not like I'm a swinger... but I was literally swinging. Anywho, that has nothing to do with the story I'm writing.

I want to talk to you today about lazy days, and that sometimes unbalanced emotion of feeling totally relaxed and low-key and feeling like a useless non-contributing member of society. Well let me tell you- do nothing lazy days are important to everyone.

Keri and I got up yesterday with the hopes of going through all of our wedding presents to get them put away and organized. That didn't happen. What eventually transpired was going out to breakfast at 'Greg's Place' in South China, in our PJ's, and gorging ourselves with eggs, toast and home-fries. When we got home we had every intention of being productive.. So I took the mower for a spin around the yard. That was the end of it. We migrated to the living room where we proceeded to sit in front of the TV for give or take ALL day. However, this did lead to us renting 'Bad Moms' on DTV on-demand, and that was probably the highlight of our day- great movie!

But wait, there's more. Before we went to bed at 7:30pm like the geriatrics we are, we mozy'd on down to Chinaford (Hannaford) to pick up some travel essentials for our upcoming honeymoon. And yes, we did that in our PJ's, too.

So before you start thinking to yourself that you've wasted an entire day of your life, remember that, in fact, these days are super important, not just for physical rest, but also to calm down your mental process, too! Because of yesterday I'm ready to grab this week by the b..horns and git'r'done!

Yours Truly,

One Lazy Summa-B