It’s that time of year again. It’s time to register the Malibu. She’s been a good car, now six years old but so far hasn’t given me any real problems; knock on wood. Normally, I’m late registering my cars. The police give you a month before you get a warning, right? Just kidding, but thankfully I have never been pulled over for an expired plate, or inspection sticker for that matter. I’m pretty impressed with myself, June 5th and I’m at city hall paying for my tags.

Honestly, before my errand this morning I had to drop by and see the fine people at State Farm because I didn’t put my insurance card in my “pull over packet” in the glove box and lost it or I threw it away not knowing what was in the envelope. Anyway it was like less than two minutes at Jim Finucane’s office to get a new card. With all my paperwork in order I headed to Auburn City Hall.

Very cool, there was no line at the clerk's window. Aside from not knowing the mileage to exact number, the ordeal was flawless. I was off by less than 200 miles. So for a new reddish orange sticker with the number ‘14’ cost me $118.34.

PS. No, I don’t need an SR 22 and now that I have given you $118, please fix “Hole-tel" Rd.