Over the weekend we didn't really do much. We played a family game of Skip-Bo or two, watched a bit of TV and did a few errands. To be quite honest it was just a lazy weekend. We haven't had one in awhile which was nice, basically nothing except Justin's basketball game was scheduled. One thing I didn't do and hadn't for a few days was shave.


My wife wouldn't kiss me last night because of the four day stubble. A question, do you like your man with a beard, goatee, mustache or clean shaven? My wife hates it when I go a few days without shaving. I hate shaving, but I'd rather be kissed, so that is why I shave every few days. Even after four or five days it gets too much for me. I'm scratching it, getting ingrown hairs, etc. I can't shave everyday.  Just the thought of that makes my face irritated. I also could never be one of those guys who grows a 'playoff beard.' I could maybe attempt "Movember" because it raises money for a good cause.

Shaving, it's just one of those mundane things about life that I really could do without.