It’s like going to the dentist, doctors or veterinarian’s. It's that once a year trek to get your car inspected. Is it going to be $12.50? Will it be more? Today it was my wife’s car, the Saab's turn for its 'well visit,' so-to-speak. My idea of getting an inspection done is waiting until either you get a warning from the police or two months over due, which ever comes first. My wife always tells me to get the car checked at the beginning of the month so you’re not stuck without options. So, for once I listened to her.

You hand over the keys and you pace through the lobby and waiting area hoping that they don’t find anything wrong. After about a half hour, the mechanic comes to the waiting area and gives you the synopsis. Your heart pounds as he or she gives you the news. For the Saab Turbo it was front sway bar links, not to be confused with sausage links or a golf course.

Anyway, it was a sigh of relief. A repair bill for about $145. Not too bad considering it’s a Saab and they don’t make Saabs or their parts anymore. I threw in an oil change because it was a few thousand miles over.

I want to thank the fine folks at Al’s Certified Auto Repair, known as ACAR, for being great to me and the station every time. They always say if you find a garage you like, stick with them. I would certainly refer them to a friend for work on their vehicle as well. Friendly, honest, inexpensive, knowledgeable and they do great work.

Lastly for those wondering, the 2013-2014 inspection sticker color is green!