It is unofficially the end of summer. We've shrunk wrapped the windows and put a bit of felt around the doors over the past few days and weeks but today, was the day I dreaded the most. Today I called for an oil delivery. Yup, we're at an 1/8 of a tank and had to bite the bullet as they say.

We'll keep the house at 62 degrees until it gets to be the dead of winter, guessing mid December to Christmas. At that point we could raise to up 65 like last year if it's too chilly. Strangely I still have to mow lawn to get rid of the gas or buy gas stabilizer to store the lawn mower.  Yes it is time to move the lawn mower behind the snow blower in the shed and do the same for the shovels and rakes.

I don't ski, snowmobile or really care for kids being home on snow-days. Just kidding, the look in my boys' eyes when the call comes it is rather joyous to see. Many towns go with a night time parking ban on Friday, November 15. Yup the coats come out and the sweatshirts are again indoor clothing.

It's all really quite depressing. I find winter frustrating and it doesn't do much for motivation except for the inspiration I get for eating.