It was about a year ago that we got serious about looking for a house. We had lived in apartments up until finally taking the plunge into home ownership last June. As hectic as it is to own a home, I don’t regret it. Last year the timing was right with the three kids, little to no debt and housing prices were at basically an all-time low.

We bought a nice fixer-upper for $100,000, which on paper is valued higher, albeit slightly, but still we’re not upside down. With the market improving, the value on the house should go up and with small repairs and upgrades every so often that should help the value too.

Here is why I’m glad we bought when we did. Maine home sales are up! Home sales in the last year (From March 2012 to March 2013) were up 8% in Maine. And the prices have risen in the same time frame up an average of 6%. In March 2013, 792 homes at an average of $170, 000 were sold in Maine up 61 sales from a year ago.

Interest rates look to be lower at least from what one bank was advertising on the reader-sign board. Can’t recall which bank, but they were advertising, 2.99% to qualified buyers. When we bought, we received 3 something, fixed. 3.78%, I think

Better buy now if you’re going to, because prices look to be climbing.