Three weeks to a month ago a woman driving past our house in a snowstorm hit our roadside mailbox. She took it right out of the ground. She was nice and gave us her information and told us to get a quote and to tell her how much it would cost to replace and she’d either pay for the estimate out-of-pocket or if it made sense she said she’d send the cost over to her insurance company and let her auto policy pay.

Lynn after it happened and before all of the chaos regarding surgeries and ailments was calling different contractors and landscapers to get an estimate but nobody will do the job.

The catch, the pole went into the edge of the sidewalk. Can I rent a jackhammer and buy concrete and do the work myself? Doubtful as the sidewalk is city property and I’d assume  there would need to be a professional on site and a permit to get the work done.

Now that life is getting back to normal, we need to get this at least looked at and assessed. We live in Auburn but does anyone know who would do this work? If not a business by name, does anyone know what type of business would do this job?