Overnight radio, there is nothing quite like it. You can roll in at about 11:45 and leave when the show is over. I remember my early days in radio doing overnights. Three in the morning would hit and “Better Man” by Pearl Jam or a slow Mariah Carey song for example would come up and you’d be doing everything to stay awake. You’d be drinking coffee, Mountain Dew or maybe taking a Nodoz.

It was a double edged sword in the old days, you don’t have any distractions but at the same time you kind of feel unimportant. Today the technology is different so it makes it easier but the elements and concept it is still the same. You play music for the workers on the back-shift, late-night parties, long distance drivers and people trying to fall asleep at home.

Matt James is one great talent and does the 12 am to 5 am show with gusto and flare. Give him a listen on a regular basis as for tonight it will be me. I’m getting back to my early radio day roots tonight. Tune in via mobile device, web or FM.