It is time for the 2020 Census.  It is a decennial (that means every ten years) headcount of where the population is in the United States. This information is used then to determine the number of seats for us in  Congress and your political representation in our government. It also matters for federal dollars that will be allocated to the state for things like schools, roads, public transportation, housing, assistance for older populations, money for hospitals and the list goes on and on and on and is a 33-page report from about that.

Odds are in your pile of mail you tossed on the table there is a paper form and a reminder note from the 2020 Census.  You can fill out the paper form and mail it back, you can use the info they provided you in those mailings to do this on the phone or use that special id code for your address to do it online.  Gotta tell you the online form was SO easy and really it does only take a few minutes.

Census Day was April 1st and they encouraged people to respond by then but you still can respond and they want you to. If not they will have field teams going out to knock on doors.

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