May 1 is my 30th anniversary on-air with 92 Moose.  Happy work-a-versary to me.

I started here as 'Renee in the Midday'…since I was working 10 am to 2 pm. That goes way back to when our studios and offices were on the 4th floor of the old Casco Bank Building on Memorial Circle.

This was not my first job in radio, I started my radio career in Ellsworth at WWMJ in January of 1986...I got my job that day the space shuttle Challenger exploded and I had a few jobs before I ended up on-air at WMME 92Moose.

30 years...gees...that is the length of a typical mortgage!

My first cup of coffee and the first time I was stopped for speeding happened my first week of doing the 92 Moose Morning Show.

30 years ago computers were basically a novelty in our homes and had not made their way into our workspace. As for the internet was on the verge of being a thing and when it first became accessible to most of us it was dial-up and Prodigy and AOL were the big names. Now, if we have a computer, internet, or network issues, it can take us down.  We have had a lot of new technology come into our professional lives over the years; our first station cell phone was a bag phone (Google that one, kids) and a handful of vehicles that had the honor of being a 92 Moose Caboose.

In my personal life, I have been divorced, had my heart broken more than once, lost my beloved CoffeeDog on my birthday in 2006, and in 1992 lost a baby. There have been a few health scares along the way, but they were just that…scares. I have owned a couple of houses. Over the years, I have had corrective eye surgery for my vision and lost over 60 pounds from working with some of our clients. I have gone to massage school and graduated from college. In 2010 ShadowDog came into my life. And earlier in 2021, I had breast reduction surgery, and it has been a great decision.

I have made a lot of friends along the way, and some have become family to me. Honestly, there are too many people to mention who have touched my life, so I will not even start down that road.

As for good times, there is no shortage of those too.  When I started here 30 years ago, social media was not a thing, so I do have some old photos but not many.  Below you will find a quick collection of memories from a short trip down memory lane with Facebook.

What is my favorite memory?

There are a lot…we would be here for days with stories… but the day Jon and I rode horses through the Dunkin’ drive-thru on Western Ave in Augusta for Commute Another Way Day. We rode the horses from the Augusta Plaza to Capital Park for the event. That, my friends, was a good day at work.

Renee Nelson's 30 Years

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