New year, new (business) opportunities, right?  It seems like every time you turn around, Central Maine is getting a new business...  New restaurants, new stores, new breweries.

Here is a list of five businesses we'd like to see come to Central Maine in 2020:

Apple Store - Around since 2001 with over 500 locations world-wide, Apple Stores sell and support all things Apple and Mac.  Basically, everything from Mac laptops, to Apple smartwatches, to iPads.  Just be warned, the genius bar does not actually serve alcohol.


Fogo De Chao - A higher-end Brazilian steakhouse founded in Texas in 1979.  Currently, they have just over 50 locations across the United States and Mexico.  The closest location is in Boston - a little too much of a drive for dinner, so it would be great to have a location in Central Maine.  Their real claim to fame is the unlimited servings of BBQ meats.  You flip the chip to indicate you want more and the staff runs over to serve you.


Stew Leonard's - The regional supermarket chain based in Connecticut is, in some ways, similar to a Whole Foods in their product selections and offerings, but the place is way more fun!  Animatronic animals, a massive dairy section, a bakery cranking out fresh donuts (and more) all day.


Dave & Buster's - Basically, a combination arcade and sports bar!  Bar food, beer / cocktails, and video games.  Founded in Dallas in 1982, they currently have 135 locations nationwide with the closest in Massachusetts (Braintree, Natick, and Woburn)


IMAX Theater - I love our local theaters, but let's face it, some movies need to be EXPERIENCED in the IMAX movie format.  That massive screen and crazy sound system makes any movie more of an immerse experience.  Unfortunately, the closest to us is Saco.


What would you like to see come to Central Maine?  Message us on Facebook or through the app.

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