A box of chocolates.  A dozen roses.  How original!  Valentine's Day is one of those UNNCESSARY holidays (is it a holiday?) in my book.  I'm not single.  I'm happy in my marriage.  I think social media makes it even worse.  As we approach the 'BIG' day, greedy girls, far and wide, will post selfies with what ever gift they received.  It's almost a competition to see who can get the better stuff.  

Nothing like getting a present from a man who feels 'obligated' to get you something because the calendar says he must do it...oh and so does your long list of 'acceptable' presents.  Wouldn't you prefer something that is a surprise...on any other day of the year?

But, if getting something for Valentine's Day is important to you...or if you are looking for revenge on someone you hate...here's a wild & crazy list of things that go above the normal box of candy

There is nothing more romantic than have your a mold made of your....well....your...ahem....your anus...and then turn it into little chocolate.  That's right...your sphincter in chocolate.  This is real.  I can't make this up.  This special treat is brought to you by Edible Anus

How about a nice pair of edible meat underwear?  It's called Brief Jerky.  Go ahead ladies...what man would turn away meat?  Only $185/pair.

courtesy of Etsy shop: mixedspecies

I HATE getting flowers for Valentines Day.  Florist hike the prices of a dozen roses up from $12.99/dozen to $60/dozen.  But, if sending flowers is a must...I don't recommend a Corpse Flower

Getty Images - Hanna Peters

A star!  A sparkly star in the universe.  You can name a star after that special someone.  Not gonna lie...my ex husband got this for me.  My reaction was 'You spent money on something owned by nobody?'  It's the thought that counts...I know, I know.  I still have the certificate.  But if this idea interests you, go to StarRegistry.com


No explanation needed on this one.  Just don't.  Heed my warning.  Just...don't.