The tallest player in professional basketball will call Maine a home for most of the winter, after wowing Celtics fans.

Boston Celtics fans have fallen in love with rookie Tacko Fall

He recently made his NBA debut, and the crowd went wild.

The seven foot five inch future superstar, who is taller than Andre the Giant will be spending time with the G League team of the Boston Celtics. Earlier this week, Tacko shot his first hoops with the Maine Red Claws. The man who wears size 22 shoes is already making a huge impact in Maine biggest city. Red Claws spokesman, Evans Boston told Portland Press Herald. “There was a massive spike when the Tacko two-way (contract) was announced.” A two way contract allows a player to stay in the G League, while also spend 45 days with the parent club.

He's also bringing some major stats. While attending Central Florida, Fall lead the team to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 15 years, and they almost beat top seeded Duke. In his four college years, he blocked 280 shots and set an NCAA record by making 74 percent of his field-goal attempts.

There's one thing Tacko hasn't experienced, and that's a Maine winter. He told Portland Press Herald “I’ve never experienced a winter so it’s probably going to be a shock the first few days.”


Tickets for Red Claws games officially go on sale November 1st.

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