Since the introduction of "dial" phones in the 1930s (unless you count Portland's "secret" phones of the 1890s), Maine has always been a one area code state.

In fact, in some places, you can still get away with dialing just the exchange and the four digit number.

That could change in the near future.

According to a report done by Maine Public Broadcasting, our state is about to run out of 207 phone numbers.

Within four years, Maine could run out of seven digit phone numbers in the 207 area code.  The Maine Public Utilities Commission is so concerned about it that, on Tuesday, they held a meeting to discuss the prospect of adding additional area codes to the state or finding alternative fixes for the looming problem.

One of their findings was that the addition of new area codes could be delayed for several more years if phone companies who have "reserved" (hoarded?) blocks of numbers would be willing to release them for general use.

Personally, I don't like the idea of adding new area codes (I had enough issues when Houlton added it's 521 exchange).  It's not that I am against progress, it's just that it's become a part of our culture.  Some of us refer to the state by its area code ("I used to live in the 603, I spent some time in the 814, but now I am back in the 207"), we include 207 in the names of our businesses, and WCSH 6's show about all things Maine is call "207".

My feelings aside, is it really that big of a deal?  In reality, not ALL of the state is in the 207 area code.  In the northern Aroostook county town of Estcourt Station, they use the nearby Quebec area code.

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