Can there be a more "Maine" gift to give for your mom or grandmother?  I mean, we all get candles for the special ladies in our lives and, most of the time, they aren't not big fans of getting candles as gifts.  Well, if they really love Maine, here's a candle that mom might actually want to get.

Get Maine Lobster, a company that sells all kinds of lobster products, is now selling lobster scented candles.

According to NECN, a Boothbay company called Seawicks makes the candles and, reportedly, the candles do contain ground up lobster shells.  Apparently, they had intended to mix chunks of lobster shells throughout the candle, but that ended up not being practical.

So, does it really smell like lobster?  Some people who have smelled it say it smells a little like buttered popcorn.  That kind of makes sense, considering the makers added a fake butter smell in an attempt to make the smell closely resemble a cooked lobster.

The candles have not sold out yet, but demand has been high enough that they plan to keep making and selling them.  There is a good chance they could end up being a seasonal item.  They could end up being available in time for the Christmas / Holiday shopping season.

We want to know what you think.  Would you ever buy one?  What scent candles does someone really need to make?  Let us know by sending us a message through the radio station app our on Facebook page.

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