Here is a list from ‘Woman’s Health’ magazine of 12 things women in an office do that they’ll never admit to doing.

After reading through the list, I know I do some and have seen a few male co-workers guilty of doing a few of these as well.


#1. Keep a drawer full of snacks.

#2. Mentally yell at noisy co-workers.

#3. Spend downtime getting personal life in order.

#4. Hoarding freebees. Everyone does that here, it’s a radio station.

#5. Handle personal messaging and work on task.

#6. Organize anything unrelated to work. Number six is close to #3, but apparently different.

#7. Get annoyed when someone wants to chat with you in the bathroom.

#8. Check the kitchen for uneaten treats. I maybe a guy but always love to see leftover doughnuts or pizza.

#9. Always complain about the temperature in the office.

#10. Being awesome at chair dancing.

#11. Resting your eyes for a quick moment.

#12. Gabbing a lot about personal lives.

Are you guilty of any of these "crimes"? Fess up, men or women are welcome to chime in.