Maine is filled with awe-inspiring buildings. Even though we may not be like New York City where skyscrapers fill the sky and looking too long will cause a sore neck, Maine is still full of beautifully-tall structures.

From historical churches to city halls and religious sanctuaries, these buildings add so much character and beauty to the state's architecture.

I, for one, did not expects some of the tallest buildings to land in my hometown!

The city of Lewiston boasts the tallest buildings in Maine, and there are three, according to the Sun Journal. 

Here are the three tallest buildings in Maine starting from least to greatest, all set in our beloved Lewiston.

Google Maps
Google Maps

#3 – Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul

This historical church, founded in 1870, is located on Ash Street in Lewiston. It sits at approximately 175 feet high.

I remember recently when community members gathered at this church to pay respect to those we lost in the tragic mass shooting. This was not just a building. It is so much more to the people of Lewiston. It's a beacon of faith, and its towering spire gives us all a steady landmark to rely on forever.

Google Maps
Google Maps

#2 – Lewiston City Hall

On Lower Lisbon Street in Lewiston sits our hub for city activities. Her clock is beautiful and the building itself commands attention, standing at 185 feet above Lewiston.

The building stands as a symbol of governance and civic pride. Every time I drive by, it reminds me of a memorable moment from my past with my mom.

She insisted on getting a photo of me holding up my voting form after I turned 18. She emphasized the honor of voting in our great country, and wanted to remember the day. It's a memory that resonates with the significance of  democracy for me.

Google Maps
Google Maps

#1 – Agora Grand Event Center

Lewiston's tallest building is Saint Joseph's in Biddeford, and is almost neck-and-neck with the tallest in Maine, just 15 feet short of claiming the crown at 235 feet, as per the article. 

The Agora Grand Event Center on Bates Street stands tall at an impressive 220 feet. You can't miss it!

Now, let's take a wild ride to Dubai's Burj Khalifa for fun! This is the tallest building in the world! Get ready for this, because it stretches a dizzying 2,717 feet into the clouds! That is 160 stories high!

Maine's buildings pale in comparison! Just picturing being up there and looking down is enough to give anyone a thrill ride in their stomachs!

Google Maps
Dubai's Burj Khalifa View via Google Maps

Above is the view from the top of Burj Khalifa!

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