It's been about a year since everything in our lives went completely haywire and we needed to rethink the way we do literally everything. Including, but not limited to, buying toilet paper.

Well, one of the worst effects of the COVID pandemic was not being able to go out and eat with friends for awhile. With restrictions and guidelines constantly changing we never knew what we were allowed to do, where we were allowed to go, or who with. You can also chock it up to a level of COVID-laziness because we just didn't want to deal with the mandates and restrictions so it had been easier to just get take out and eat at home.

Well, several months ago, a new restaurant opened up in my beautiful little town of Windsor, Maine. I had been talking for several weeks about getting over to check it out and this weekend we were able to do just that.

First and foremost, and super convenient for me, is that the Fusion of Windsor is located just 2.9 miles from my house- score! Secondly, it has an amazing atmosphere. If you remember, Fusion of Windsor used to be Resurrections Gym & Salon. I remember going there to workout when I was in high school- yes, I used to workout.

The owner, Toni, and her staff have done an incredible job transforming every part of the building into a beautiful restaurant and event center. The open concept kitchen allows you to see the chefs preparing meals as you sit at your table enjoying a drink from their full bar.

This was only our first time there, but we will absolutely be back. Actually, we already have plans to go back this Friday with another group of friends and, quite frankly, we can't wait!

Check out some photos and their full menu by visiting their Facebook page. Hope to see you there soon!



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