I'm no Seuss...or I'd be Seuss on The Moose, cuttin' it loose like a runaway caboose! Anyway, my intent is to entertain right here in Maine until I need to use a cane. Here's my little poem. Thank you. No, not thank YOU....that's the name of the poem: Thank You.

Mac, he is my friend for life,
Renee’s my lifetime radio wife;

Each morning we share conversation,
On our little radio station;

We’re thankful that you’re there with us,
In cars, in trucks and on the bus;

We’re hopeful that we make you smile,
And entertain you, for a while;

When you call us on the phone,
We’re reassured we’re not alone;

It tickles us to hear from you,
Requests, contests and birthdays, too;

So thank you, thank you, thank you friend,
Thank you for the time you lend;

And now, ole pal, I gotta run,
My sweet potato fries are done.

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