When I was younger after first moving to Maine, my Mama did something that we now refer to as "Moose-gate". Let me fill you in. Originally being from Pennsylvania none of use knew the dangers of this type of massive animal. All of us kids were at school one morning and while my dear mother was drinking coffee looking out into the back yard, she noticed a massive moose chilling in our back yard.

Because of her, we'll say, "lack of education" on this incredible creature, she assumed that it would be okay to just grab a camera and run into the back yard. In those days, we used polaroid cameras. Important to note: she was in her nightgown. She went out to the backyard with her camera, and started to chase the moose in order to get a photo for us kids when we returned home from school.

Thankfully nothing happened and the moose was empathetic to her lack of understanding on the dangers of running after a moose in only your nightgown for a photo.

The pictures were only of the ground.

Recently, someone else had much better luck getting up close and personal to one of these huge beasts.

Watch the video below as one lucky hiker was able to capture this moose hiking up Grey Goose trail on Saddleback mountain.

Incredible isn't it? This moose definitely looks like a bull, which is a male moose. Female moose don't have antlers.

To find out more on Maine moose, visit Maine.gov!

And do not CHASE after a moose, just be a witness to their incredible beauty.

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