It was a long weekend to say the very least. You'll notice, if you're a loyal listener, that I was not on the air Monday. That's because I was hooters deep in boxes! Yes, that's right, boxes and boxes and boxes!

We were, however, able to make the complete 'move' itself in just one day. That's thanks to Keri and her mom for spending the 2 days before the move boxing up and packing everything at our other house. When Sunday rolled around we were off to the races. Major shout out to my wife Keri, our amazing friends, Johnny Blais, Josh Haskell and others, for making this an incredibly smooth transition.


As you can see above, this is just the beginning of the unpacking process at the new crib, but little by little and day by day we will get there. Thank you to all who helped make this possible!


Also, if you're looking to buy a home, contact this dream team right here! Major thanks to Lori Dube from Sprague & Curtis, and Elizabeth Jean from Bangor Savings Bank. One found us the house and the other paid for it! Wonderful ladies who do an A+ job!

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