For those of you who are familiar with our family, you will know that we are literally a family of all boys.

My oldest son, Evan, was born in 2009 and was the first of many boys to follow. After my wife and I got married we had the next boy, Gavin, in 2018. Later in that same year my sister, Michelle and her husband, Patrick, had their first son, Max.

After that, it was obviously our turn again and we welcomed baby Dawson in June of this year. While we were awaiting Dawson's arrival my sister and her husband announced that they were pregnant again and due in January of 2021. What the heck is this a contest?

After already having so many boys in the family we were all pretty well convinced that this newest upcoming child would naturally be a boy as well. Surprisingly, we were all wrong. We found out the gender during a Disney-themed reveal over the weekend during my nephew's 2nd birthday party.

We had a lovely afternoon with friends and family in Madison on Saturday celebrating Max turning two years old. But that wasn't the only fun that was had. Before Max began opening all his birthday presents, his parents presented him with the first gift of the day which was to reveal the gender of the new baby. It was a big gift bag stuffed with pink and blue tissue paper and inside was either a Mickey Mouse or a Minnie Mouse. Lo and behold, it was a freakin' Minnie Mouse. Everyone was floored, but no one more than my mother who had a complete freak out session. Check it out!

Finally a girl in the family

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