Angelo Sotiropoulos came to America with dreams, like many of our family members. He started from the bottom and now he is most definitely is here!

According to an article by Fox23 Maine, he arrived in Maine in 1978 and for over 40 years he built a strong foundation of the family within his community. He is the happy owner of Gorham House of Pizza.

However, this story is not about pizza, it's about perseverance and love.

He was able to create a life of his own which incorporating the love of his family. But it wasn't always easy for Angelo. In 2012, within the same week, his beloved business almost burnt down and he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, according to the article. 

Angelo said,

The community rallied behind me, I wasn't expecting anything like that. They made it so easy for me to go through that. It was a walk in the park.

Fox23 Maine

Because of those challenges he faced, Angelo decided to pay it forward and help his community so, he created The Reed Allen Fund, as the article states.

According to the The Reed Allen Fund, this fund was named in honor of Dana, who "was a Gorham High School graduate and basketball standout who battled cancer and survived for years when doctors said he had months." And "Big John Reed" who was a Gorham Police Officer and a staple in the community."

This two people were vital in Angelo's survival and the survival of his business as stated on the funds website.

According to the article, the fund helped community members like, Lisa Smith, get through cancer a bit easier.

Angelo says,

That was a hard time and whoever has dealt with cancer, can understand, I didn't want to hear anything.

Fox 23 Maine

As the pandemic hit, Lisa was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer and also lost her job, as the article stated.

Lisa said,

Everyone thinks you have angels up in heaven looking over you, I  think my angel looking over me lives right in Gorham, Maine and his name is Angelo.

Fox 23 Maine

According to the article,

The Reed Allen Community Fund has helped more than individuals. Throughout the pandemic, it has also helped support many local businesses.

Angelo has paid it forward and was able to turn his traumatic situation into hope for others. He is a true example of the American dream and his capability to persevere through life-altering tribulations is nothing short of commendable.

He is continuing to share his love with his community. Please visit The Reed Allen Fund to find out how you can help and visit the Gorham House of Pizza for a bite of heaven!

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