A Maine woman living in Lincolnville is in search of someone specials, someone particular, and someone she desperately needs to find.

This story is literally a Romantic Comedy just waiting to be written, produced, directed, and aired on every single streaming network known to man. Oh! We can't forget about Hallmark as well, this would be juicy content for The Hallmark Channel.

Get this, back on September 24th of 2021, Barbara Edmands was at Maritime Farms in Belmont at a store, minding her own business, probably browsing for rice or something when suddenly a man approached her, stopped her and professed is undying love for her. I mean, come on! He told her he loves her now more than ever.

Here is exactly what the 'mystery man' said,

“He came out of that door. And he said, ‘Hi, how are you?’ And I said, ‘Fine, thank you.’ And he said, ‘you know who I am?’ And I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘you don’t.’ And he said, ‘I’m the one to put your ponytail on my head in the Lincolnville Central School’. I said, ‘oh,’ and he said, ‘I loved you then. And I love you even more now,"

-Mystery Man

And what happened once he was done with with chance encounter down memory-love-lane, was puzzling because - he simply, walked away.

This is all according to an article published by WABI TV.

It's been 143 days since this "Romeo" expressed his love for his "Juliet" and she cannot stop thinking about him.

As we know from what he said to her, she apparently knew him, kind of? What's even more unbelievable is that she hadn't seen this particular person for almost 70 years.

I can't even right now!!

The article also added that Barbara said,

”My heart went flitter. I would be so excited. I would be tremendously excited. It would mean a lot to me,”

Barbara was completely shocked because, precisely 67 years ago, she found out that this man was her classmate in 4th grade!

Barbara stated,

“It meant a lot because he was my classmate. But, I was stunned. I think I froze. He said his name but I remember everything else but not his name. So, I would give anything to see him again, anything,”

Barbara is on the hunt. She has officially put her detective hat on and is gathering all of the help she can get. She's even asked the Historical Society in Lincolnville, Maine. They have been a huge help because, well they're all historians, so it's literally their job to know everything from the past.

Barbara needs as much assistance she can get because according to Jane Hardy, from the Historical Society, Barbara does not have a computer. Therefore, Jane has been doing much of the research.

Even with the help of friends, family, and the society, they have come up empty! Nothing.

After talking to leads and putting out word of mouth to try to draw him back in, they have still received no results.

So now, I am creating a call-to-action to help Barbara find her Romeo. This is something that I desperately need to happen because I am literally eating my popcorn and binging this like a series.

Here is what we know, the mystery man was apparently in a silver pick-up truck on September 24th of 2021 the chance encounter occurred at Maritime Farms in Belmont.

If you can help, contact the Lincolnville Historical Society's Facebook Page and shoot them a tip on their messenger!

70 years ago a man fell in love.

Barbara also said,

“This was my classmate way back in the fourth grade. I mean, how many times does that happen to people? Sixty-seven, my kids haven’t even been alive 67 years. I hope we don’t wait another 67 because I won’t be here,”

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