A phys-ed teacher in the Auburn school system won a grant that allowed her to received 51 mountain bikes and helmets for students. 51?  When she was asked how many students were in her largest class her reply was ’50’, so when she received the grant they have her the 50 and one for teacher…so it works out to 51.

The teacher is Christy Keep.  The story in the Sun Journal says that she and her husband are mountain bikers. So it makes sense she liking and appreciating this activity and being a physical education teacher would apply for this grant.  She received it and was able to receive the bikes from the Riding for Focus cycling program. Bike riding has been shown to improved test scores and kids with attention disorders can improve their mood and attention.

The 51 bikes and helmets came with some training to help get the kids excited about cycling.

Now the bikes needed to be assembled and Busytown Bikes in Lewiston generously agreed to do handle that project. I have to think that was a very generous donation of time because biking has been big over that last year and the shop must have been very busy.  There was a bump in the plan, every time Keep was going to pick up some of the assembled bikes and take them back and store them in an empty locker room at the school she was put into quarantine because she had been in close contact with someone at the school who tested positive.  And the bike shop did not have a lot of extra room.   But a plan was worked out and the bikes made it to the school and plans are being made on how to work the bikes into school programs.

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