The Augusta Dog Park is hosting its spring clean up on Saturday April 22 from 8:30a to Noon.  It has been a long winter and now with green grass and nice weather the Augusta Dog Park needs some love.

The clean up is important because over the winter trash, cigarette butts (super ick)  and other 'treasures' were hidden under the snow.  To keep the park not only lovely to look at, the clean up is important, but the reality is.... it is a health and safety issue for dogs and humans AND the environment.

Think about this...those dogs have gone to the bathroom on every single inch of that park.  My gosh, ShadowDog can make that claim all on his own. To leave dog poo behind is just nasty and germy.  Lets just clean that up!  Bring a rake and some gloves if you have them.  Even if you have a half hour to help out it all adds up.  Please leave you little furbaby at home so the clean up and happen without worrying about any dogs slipping away from us!


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