This is going to be awesome!  It's a new book from Micheal Hall, who is the director of the Augusta Downtown Alliance,  'Augusta, the best little city in New England. Seriously'.  According to the info on Amazon it will be out January 22.  Check out the description from

"When it comes to quirky energy, Augusta has it in spades! A capital city with a schizophrenic personality, this little town by the Kennebec sits in one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Maine. Filled with gossipy neighbors, charming merchants, down and out vagabonds and smartly dressed bureaucrats, there's no other place in the state that can quite match it.

A small town with big city issues, and hearts bigger than the sturgeons that splash along its waterfront, it's a place both simultaneously confident and insecure. Self-aware enough to know its limitations, but clueless enough to fully realize its potential, it remains the last place in Maine that has yet to be claimed by hipster and tourist, alike.

This book is your guide to everything that makes Augusta so ... Augusta. From a calendar of local holidays to a profile on area neighborhoods to really weird history, as well as personal stories form local movers and shakers, this is your glimpse into one of the most intriguing places around.
So welcome to Augusta, the best little city in New England. Seriously."

In his Amazon bio Michael is a native of Florida and moved to Augusta in the winter of 2016 to realize his goal of working in a historic, urban setting. He has a Bachelors in History from Centre College, a Masters in Communications from Rutgers University and a Masters in Architectural Conservation from the University of Edinburgh.

Michael is also a nice guy. Looking forward to this release.

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