The Augusta Police released an update regarding the closure of Front Street due to flooding in the Kennebec River. The south end of the street has now been reopened, but the north end of the street will remain closed through the weekend.

"Augusta Public Works is making good progress with cleaning up the North end of the Front Street, but there still much work to do," said Augusta Police Lt. Kevin Lully in a release. "The south end of Front Street has been ice-free for a few days and will now be opened to parking."

"However, the north end of Front Street closure is being extended through the remainder of the week and through the weekend," Lully added.

Police urged residents to use caution near the flooded area.

"Please remember that the ice jams are ever changing and influence water levels and water pressure," Lully said. "Fast moving water is a strong force; 6 inches of swift moving water can knock a person off their feet and 12 inches of swift moving water can move a vehicle."

"We are supposed to have some warm weather this weekend, which may influence melting and the river flow," Lully said. "We ask that everyone continues to practice safety and avoid any open water areas."

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