I had someone say to me last week, "You are much older than you sound!" Well, okay! Thank you, I guess. It got me thinking about back handed compliments. I asked on my facebook and the Moose page for your back handed compliments.

By the sounds of it, there are a lot of people who should think before speaking. Here are some of the best we recieved:

-"Wow, you don't look that old!"
-"You did that job really well... for a girl!"
-"You got your hair cut. Do you like it?"
-"You're pretty for you!"
-"Wow, you look so great! Did you lose weight?"
-"Your in great shape for your age!" (Response, "Honey, I'm in great shape for any age"!)
-"You look good for having 4 kids."
-"You don't look THAT fat."
-"You look great. What are you doing different?"
-"Wow, you look very pretty when you wear makeup."
-(When I go out in public without makeup and hair all done up.) "Are you sick? You look like you're not doing so well."
-That's SOME baby!!

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