I was so very happy to have the snow all melted from my yard. As I was out there checking out my back yard I noticed all these holes.  They are about the size of an egg and I could see how ‘something’ had busted out of there because there was a little dirt/grass flaps that was still there.  When I say I noticed the holes, I mean hundreds of them and in various locations!!

So being a drama queen, I assumed they were alien babies that had hatched from my backyard. But I got a grip and sent the photos to Joe at Wingate Landscape and Garden Center in Gardiner. Since he put in my beautiful trees last year, will Joe is my new go-to-guy for all thing yard.  He said it looks like voles.

Voles? Never heard of a vole? A vole is like a field mouse sort of thing that makes little tunnels under the soil and that is how they get around. Well, I am not a fan. Turns out one way to get them to move out is castor oil, they don’t like it!  Before I went and bought big bottle of castor oil and dumped in my yard, I figured I would pay a little visit to Campbell’s True Value in Farmingdale. They had a castor oil based vole/mole yard treatment. It was little castor oil pellets that get spread out on the infected area.  Well, that was easy and pet safe too!

So, I have field mice at my in town home. I really hope the castor oil stuff works, otherwise I guess I will have to do this old school, get my Little Bunny Foo Foo on and start bopping them on the head.

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