The Devils Back Bone Brewing Company in Virginia is looking for a special someone. That person will Appalachian Trail, drink beer and be paid $20,000. Bet that got your attention. It got mine.

Here is the deal. For the 2021 thu hiking season that starts in early spring in Georgia and about 2,200 miles long and ends at Mt. Katahdin in Maine in late summer or early fall. Devils Back Bone Brewing Company will set you up. They will give you the gear you need, fly you to Springer Mountain to start out, and when you successfully complete the journey you get your $20,000 stipend. Now, and having read and listened to people talk about their AT trips and you would also be hosting beer tasting events along the way in off trail events. That could take a lot out of you or it could be just what you need depending who you are and how you roll.

This is offer is no joke. Then again hiking the AT is no joke. You need to some hiking skills, but ready to spend the 5 to 7 months to commit to this.  You need to send a one minute video to Devils Back Bone Brewing Company by July 31, 2020.  You need to include some information about your hiking and adventure experiences, your social media info since you will be doing that along the way too.  You also need to be over 21…since…well…beer. Get all the info you need and enter here.

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