Let's talk about seafood. Fish and Chips specifically. I mean, come on, just the thought of biting into a fresh fried piece of breaded haddock makes my mouth water. Fish and Chips has been a staple dining plate in my brain menu for, well, forever!

I went to Epcot in Disney World when I was younger, on vacation and we ate in England. I ordered Fish and Chips for the first time and I was in heaven.

Since then, I have been eating this dish every time I go out to dinner. Ask my best friend, because at this point when we have a girls night and we go to dinner first, she just looks at the waitress and says, "She'll have your fish & chips.

Since spring is right around that corner over there I decided to start looking for another place to try this incredible meal. At the same time I was online and virtually ran into someone else who is in search of the same thing.

There was a post on the Lewiston Rocks FB page from a young lady asking publicly where the "Best Fish & Chips in L/A" are and she got some great responses!

I am so glad there are other people like me out there that just want to sit down at a diner, restaurant, or pub, forget my troubles, unbutton my tight jeans and stuff my gullet with fish and chippies!

I compiled a list and gallery below of 8 different restaurants in Androscoggin County that offer delicious Fish & Chips! Each link to the restaurants are added into each photo!

Best Fish & Chips in Androscoggin

Best Mouth-Watering Fish & Chips in Androscoggin County

A commenter on a Facebook Group called, "Lewiston Rocks" posed a question on where the best Fish & Chips are and I dove into the comments and found the best places to provide this dish, according to you!

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