The Best of The Moose Morning Show is a weekly compilation of some of the coolest and funniest things we talked about from the previous week. You can catch it every Saturday Morning from 6-10 AM. The show is powered by our friends at Affordable Manufactured Home of Maine. Just look for the big log cabin off exit 120 in Sidney!

Every week, Renee and I take the best content from the previous five shows and turn them into a fun weekend show for our audience. This provides an opportunity for people who missed out to catch back up on some of the things we were talking about. In addition, it allows for people who just want to hear some of our content again.

The Moose Morning Show has been on the air for a long as I can remember. Literally, I grew up with my dad and Renee ruling the Central Maine airwaves. It was pretty awesome actually. I always had a desire to work in the same industry, but never did I think I'd get the chance at such a young age. At 15 I got my worker's permit, filled out all the paperwork, and became an official employee of 92 Moose. I want to say that was August of 2002.

I started out the way most do in this business, pushing buttons, helping out behind the scenes and cooking up hot dogs at our live radio broadcasts. I then started doing some nighttime stuff on Saturday nights, then weekday nights and, before you know it, years later, I was doing afternoons on 92 Moose!

After a few years of that, my dad decided to retire from morning radio, and I got the chance to join the Moose Morning Show. It has been such an awesome experience and I wouldn't want to start my day any other way than bright and early with all the awesome people of Central Maine- and of course Renee Nelson!

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