What a great time we all had celebrating 30 years of 92 Moose with our listeners. It all started bright and early as we got set up to do the Moose Morning Show LIVE on location at Lisa's Restaurant on Bangor Street in Augusta.

I'll tell ya though, it was hard focusing on getting everything hooked up with the smell of coffee and bacon coming from the kitchen.

Soon we had everything ready to go and in came our winners of tickets! The breakfast buffet was piping hot and people began to go through and pile on the grub. Maine's King of Comedy, Bob Marley, showed up and entertained us all morning long both on and off the air. Special thanks to 92 Moose Senior Marketing Consultant, Merry St. Pierre, for coming in and providing us all with trophies to honor our many years with the Moose. She also brought us a wonderful plaque to commemorate the station and to hang on the wall in our lobby.

Now for the fun- Check out some of the pics and videos we got throughout the morning.. Oh, and big thanks to Brittany Dunham of 92 Moose for handling all our social media throughout the morning!

Here are some of the videos... there are quite a few. Enjoy!

Again, thank you to all of the listeners who make what we do each and every day so enjoyable.. It wouldn't be half the fun that it is without you. Here's to another 30 great years! Cheers.

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