BridgertonIt is a new Netflix series that dropped on Christmas Day. Since it was a stormy Christmas, I binged this, and it was the music that delighted me. In the first episode, I noticed there was something about …that…song. It was ‘Thank You, Next.’ The period type music is instrumentals done by Kris Bowers, Vitamin String Quartet & Duomo. The classical remixes give a fresh feel to a period piece that is set in the early 1800s. Check out this compilation of songs in this video.

(FYI there are some spoilers ahead.)  I have since found out there is some controversy over one of the many sex scenes. When it comes to sex, this is no Downton Abby; Briderton goes for it. In the storyline, the male lead has told his bride that he cannot have children. When he really meant was he does not want to have children as a way to punish his abusive and now deceased father by ending the family line. But his bride, who was unaware of all of the mechanics of baby-making, did not understand at first. Once she figured out he was able but did not want to have children and how the WHOLE process works, she takes action. In one of the scenes, she is in …let’s say a more dominant position and will not him withdraw despite his saying that was not what he wanted. Up until that point, the encounter was mutually consensual. Was the young bride taking control of a situation where she had been lied to, or was it rape? 

I will admit when I first saw it; I did not catch it. I should have at least questioned it in my mind, and I am embarrassed I did not. I saw what she was doing, and I understood why, but it did not register as rape in my brain right away. 

So what started as a way to eat up a rainy day with some beautiful music, beautiful scenery, and amazing costumes with a cheesy storyline ended up being a thought-provoking event.

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