This is a week late but I've been feeling concert hungover. You know, after a fantastic show and you're still riding that high? (Not an actual high, like you people who stink up the know who you are!) Last week I saw a band I have loved since I was thirteen, Evanescence. It was just as incredible as I had imagined over the last 15 years of anticipation.

Even as a kid my favorite genres of music were pop and rock. I remember when "Bring Me To Life" came out. I remember hearing it on a rock station, then it crossed over on to a pop station, then I saw the video on MTV! A new, mainstream, hard rock, female fronted, amazing, band?! SIGN ME UP. Even though back then I just knew I liked what I liked period. And this was a band that I didn't inherit liking from my folks or my peers. In a weird way, Evanescence felt like mine.

When the live album/DVD combo came out I remember watching this show, live from Paris, and dreaming of being there. The DVD had their music videos featured. I'd watch them over and over because, in those days, it would have taken 20 minutes for a video to load on the ol' dial-up.

Three years and the live album later, a new record was coming out. My sixteen-year-old self was pumped. A slightly edgier graduation from MTV, I remember watching a special on Fuse on the making of the video "Call Me When You're Sober" multiple times. I probably even TiVo'd it. I didn't want to miss anything!

Later the band split. I figured I'd never have the opportunity to see them. I accepted it. Until recently. It seemed like suddenly, Evanescence was a thing again! This time they released Synthesis an album with many familiar tracks that were reimagined with a full orchestra. A far cry from the hard-rock origins in theory, but when I listened to them, the soul to the songs were still very much there.

News broke that they were touring with violin/YouTube sensation, Lindsey Sterling. I hoped for a Portland or Bangor tour date with no luck. But there was one somewhat closeby. Mansfield, Mass. I had never traveled that far for a show. Should I? Could I? I put the call out on Facebook which was met by my friend Melissa. To be honest we really didn't know each other very well. We would go out dancing together, casually chat, and that was about it. Was I about to road trip for a show with someone I hardly knew? Heck yes I was!

What an amazing time we had! First of all the venue was amazing. THEY HAD FREE SNACKS!

#FREESNACKS?!?! We love this place! 😂

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Lindsey put on an INCREDIBLE show. This woman has some crazy talent and dance moves. I was fully engaged in her entire set.

Lindsey is behind one of my all time favorite songs, "Shatter Me" which features Lzzy Hale of Halestorm (my all-time favorite band). I was elated to see Amy Lee of Evanescence take the stage for the vocals. What a moment to see one of my favorite songs performed by the female rocker who, likely opened me up to my love for other female rockers.

The Evanescence set was beautiful. Amy Lee's live voice is one of the best, if not the best I've ever heard. At any given moment I swear I could close my eyes and it would be like I was listening straight from the record.

The night ended with an epic cover of Ozzy Osbourne's "No More Tears".

Take it from me folks, if you're ever wondering if you should catch a show, just buy the damn tickets.

Oh and P.S. this is a place, apparently. :)

Shut up, Beavis. 😂 #lol

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