The morning hosts for Matt & Lizzy in The Morning on Central Maine's number one hit musician station, 92 Moose, were holding the most epic contest this morning.

The pair were giving away Post Malone tickets for his F Trillion Tour coming to Bangor, Maine, on September 16, 2024. He's playing at the Maine Savings Amphitheater.

Because of how monumental Post is, the contest motivated pretty much all of Central Maine to call.

The question for the giveaway was "59 % of households have this thing."

The answer? Cats.

But the traffic to the phone lines was historic. The lights were blinking like a Christmas tree, then, boom. The phone lines crashed. This almost never happens, and we had no idea what to do.

Except, of course, grabbing the camera and filming the entire chaos. So I (Lizzy) grabbed my phone and went live on Facebook to let our listeners see the behind-the-scenes madness.

For your viewing pleasure, here's what that looked like.

Our listeners are our family, and this was unprecedented. We finally were able to get the phone lines working again, but Matt and I both ended up standing in front of the A/C because of the crazy amount of sweat on our bodies.

Being on-air is a huge responsibility. We are catering to hundreds of thousands of ears that are intently listening. And when we have a giveaway this massive, it's vital to stay on track with our technology. This time, that didn't happen.

Post Malone is known worldwide, and is probably the male version of Taylor Swift. He will soon reach the stardom of The Beatles, without a doubt. And the fact that he is performing in our beloved state of Maine is HUGE.

We were finally able to get the phones running again, and soon celebrated our winner, Chelsea from Gardiner!

92 Moose wants to give everyone who can't afford to buy Post Malone tickets a chance to win them for free. Keep listening for the rest of the week, because we will continue to give tickets away.

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