More and more people are moving to downtown Augusta, so to keep things safer, the city is set to vote Thursday on whether to include cameras in downtown Augusta as part of a security plan. If approved, the cameras would cost just over $6,000 each.

According to WGME-TV, the cameras would be used to monitor cars against break-ins. But how do you feel about cameras set up by city, state or federal governments used for security? Do you think it will make us safer? Do you think it’s an invasion of privacy? Are you for it or against it? Are you indifferent?

My feeling is the government doesn’t have the time or resources to spy on innocent people even if that was a concern about adding cameras. Do they prevent crime? To a degree I suppose, but private businesses have them and they still get robbed.

I was in the post office earlier today in Lisbon; they even have cameras set up in their lobby. The lens is capturing much of our activity already.

The other side of the argument in the Augusta debate; don’t leave valuables in your car and leave it unlocked or it's just a waste of money.

Overall, we know that we can be watched regardless of cameras. Satellites, cell-phone use and debit/credit card transactions are just a few of the ways we can be watched.

I’m more or less indifferent. That being said, it is kind of creepy.

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