A catfish impersonating Bruce Springsteen, somehow convinced a woman in the Chicago area, to send him more than $10,000.

It's just one of many reports lately of scammers pretending to be celebrities.

Listen to the Moose Morning Show talk about the Springsteen Scammer!

According to Fox News, she commented on a Bruce Springsteen Facebook page and "The Boos" messaged her back claiming to be the real Bruce. They messaged back and forth, even swapping pics, for arounfd a year. Then he made the move saying he was getting a divorce and that his wife was holding his bank accounts hostage.

The victim started sending him iTunes gift cards and also sent $11,500 through MoneyGram, Western Union and a cashier’s check to Dubai, to help him retrive his stash of gold that was stranded in the Middle Eastern city, because he needed help getting it back to the US.

By the way Fox News says, "The real Bruce is reported to be worth about $500 million, isn’t going through a divorce, and doesn’t appear to be having any troubles with a stash of gold – if he even has one."

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