This morning I was online. Doing online things. Then, suddenly I get a message from a man named, lets call him, Richard. Richard is someone I do not know.

I read the message and my co-host, Matt James gave me a great idea. Let's see if this is real or not?

"Hello I don’t mean to disrespect you or intrude your privacy beautiful I saw your pictures and you are so attractive well I loved them I don’t know if you ever had a sugar daddy before...but I’m just here looking for a sugar babies whom I can share feeling with, someone who is trustworthy and tell me if you would prefer weekly or monthly allowance,
Are you interested?"
Now, we all know about the Catfish TV show with Nev and Max. They taught us to image search on google and look into people to make sure they are the ones we're talking to and not Catfishers or Bots.
Now, Richard was very insisted on wanting me to become his sugar baby, so much so that he wanted to send me money right away. The negotiations started and he offered me $400 dollars every 4 days and $3000 per month.
I let him know that I am worth more. Much more. So I came back with $1500 per 4 days and $6000 each month. Obviously, I know this is not real. Because let's be honest, what stranger would send you a message and immediately want to send you money? No one.
He is insistent on wanting me to send him my Cash App or Paypal Account so I told him I had this instant payment app called, "Cow App" where you get money and also milk.
I then asked him what he was looking at and he asked if I needed a weekly allowance and I told him I was already pretty rich. Obviously, that might not of been a good idea to tell him I have money, but I am not giving him any of my information.
So, instead I shared something nice with him. He asked me some inappropriate questions about feet, so I sent him a photo of the ugliest feet I could find online.
Suffice it to say, this man will not be scamming money out of me and if you are experiencing the same issue from a scammer, bot, or catfish, please check out some tips on what to look for to make sure you're not being used here at Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information.
I am going to stay on this story and provide you more juicy scoop details once he responds more.
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