Nikki Trask, a local woman right here in Central Maine and her fiance Andrew Reed are looking for a little help from the public. They currently live in an apartment with two children of their own but are now looking for a bigger place so they can take on two more children that are in desperate need of a permanent place to live.

The story behind the need is very sad. According to Nikki, about two year's ago her fiance Andrew lost his brother to an apparent overdose after suffering with addiction. Andrew's brother left behind four children when he passed away and two of them are still in need of a stable, permanent home. That's where you can help.

The home that Andrew and Nikki share now is not adequate or large enough for them to be able to take on two additional children. With everything else going on in the world, they just don't have the funds necessary to put down the required money for a larger home. And, until they move into a larger home, it will be physically impossible for them to take in their niece and nephew.

If you're interested in donating to their cause,  you can click here for Go Fund Me page. As of 5:30 AM on Thursday, August 20th, they have reached $405 of the $4,000 goal they have set. Below are words directly from Nikki Trask in regards to the fundraiser and their current situation.

Hello all, Let me start this off with a small introduction. My name is Nikki, I am engaged to a wonderful man named Andrew Reed, with 2 beautiful boys of our own. Roughly 2 years ago tragedy struck our family when Andrew lost his brother to addiction and overdose. Leaving behind 4 beautiful children, 2 of which are currently in need of a permanent home. We are looking for help to move into a bigger home, so they can come home with family. Seeking a permanent placement for the children, as they've already been through so much. Andrew and I want nothing more than to have these children home with us. We are seeking help towards first & last month’s rent on a bigger home or apartment, as we currently live in a very small two bedroom apartment. It would mean the world to, not only us, but for these children to be home with us. If you or someone you know is feeling generous these children deserve to be in a home with family, to have some form of constant and familiarity. I just got employed with a part time job, I am willing to do everything in my power to get them back to us, but we can’t do it alone. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this & for your donations. You are more than appreciated and words just can’t describe how grateful we will be to have them in our home. Nikki Trask

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