As I was driving to the station this morning at approximately 5:00 am, minding my own business, pumping myself up listening to Paul McCartney, I noticed something out of the ordinary.

I was on Route 202 East just approaching Manchester when I noticed this, anomaly.

It wasn't a bird, plane, or superman, it was two large, bright lights next to one another, just chillin in the sky.

At first, of course I thought it was the North star because that sucker shines more then Oprah some times, but then I noticed that the lights were split into two dots.

I was moving, but the lights weren't. I continued on the road and could see it even clearer the farther I drove.

Because of the direction I was going in the lights moved to my right side and were so bright that I thought to myself, "Self, say something."

So I said to this unidentified object,

"If you are an alien, and are telepathic and can hear my thoguhts, do someting."

Now, if you all know me, sometimes I don't think before I do something. I said that, out loud, and realized that if they are telepathic, they woudn't need me to say it out loud.

Listen, I know that not all believe in life outside of our planet, but this universe is bigger than any of us realize. I believe route 202 in Manchester was visited this morning by Aliens.

I posted about this experience on my Facebook Page and someone else did see it!

"I was heading to work going toward Portland and i saw it too idk what it was."

Mandi Marquis

Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who saw this. But I will be following this story and if for some reason I disappear, it was the Aliens.

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