This just in folks! A massive update for a local business in the heart of the twin cities is travelling through online and fast!

I was scrolling through a popular group on Facebook called, Lewiston Rocks and noticed something certainly surprising.

Someone had asked if their were any businesses for sale locally and several people commented saying the the Rollodrome in Auburn has a for sale sign up.

I contacted the Rollodrome which is located at 12 Riverside Drive in Auburn and was told that the property is for sale but they are still open as usually.

So, it is true. The Rollodrome where so many first kisses, parties, and lots of failed attempts to skate (for me) took place.

This is a 13,000 square foot building and the sale prices is $1.3 million dollars, according to New England Commercial Property. The listing is by, Christopher Pascycm at the Boulous Company of the New England Commercial Property exchange. 

The listing says there are 37 parking spaces that is located on the banks of the Androscoggin River in New Auburn.

Just because it is for sale does not mean it is closing but we do not know what will happen.

Maybe the new owners will keep it the way it is? We will follow the story closely and report the updates on this historic place.

Check out the photos of the newly listed and historic Rollodrome below!

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