Any day that you can turn into a pool day is a good one, right? Especially when it's literally in the middle of the week. Those are by far my favorite because it feels like it's the weekend, but really it's not. So it's like having a bonus weekend, am I right? Yes, I am. I unequivocally am.

We went over to Keri's mom's house yesterday after she was finished working for the day (Keri has been working from home since the pandemic started). Keri's aunt, uncle and cousins came out for the fun, too. It was insanely hot (will be hotter end of week) so the pool was extra refreshing. After stopping for the essentials (Corona and Doritos) it was off to the pool.

The kids had a blast swimming all afternoon while eating copious amounts of snacks, and even our little Gavin spent hours in the pool cooling off with his cousins. The worst part about these mid-week pool parties? That they have to end. I actually ended up leaving before Keri and the kids because I had my own car there and went home to go to bed early, which is something I never do. However, I'm feeling incredibly recharged today and ready to go. Maybe I should be hanging out by the pool every day. Maybe that's the key to perfect mental health- I won't argue that!

Also, I can't take credit for any of these pictures because they're not mine. My cousin-in-law Amy took all of these. I never think to take my phone out and snap pictures so thankfully she does. Check out some of our pictures and share some of your own with me through the 92 Moose App!

Midweek Pool Day

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