No, but for real. Would just look at it? My son Evan and I made kind of a spur of the moment trip to Portland over the weekend to hit up the Guitar Center. I needed to get a new laptop stand for DJ'ing because my other one got stolen. Albeit, I could have actually just lost it, but if I say someone stole it it makes it seem like it couldn't be my fault, so yeah.


Anyway, it turns out, you can't just walk into the GC (that's what the cool kids call it) for just one purchase. Nope, you actually end up seeing a ton of things you don't need but that call your name and say "Matt, take me home with you!". That's how we end up here, with these nasty new Pioneer DJX5's. Oops. This is kind of like when my wife runs to Kohl's for mittens and then I end up having to expand our closets.

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