If there is one thing that I'm really good at- it's absolutely nothing. Like seriously, how in the world does someone frig up such an easy-to-make snack? It defies all common logic and laughs in the face of reason.

It all started last night (literally right after the two youngest kids went to bed) when I got the urge to have a little snacky-snack. You've probably heard about how over the last several months my wife and I have been doing a regular gym and healthy-eating routine, so there isn't much for sweet and/or salty snacks in our house.

So after pawing through the pantry to no avail it hit me- We have a bunch of snacks in the pantry out in the camper! So I tossed on my mandals and headed out to the rig to see what was in there. After about 30 seconds I saw the elusive reflection of the bottom of a Jiffy Pop container. That was it- I'm gonna make that!

I pulled the cardboard off the top of the foil and began cooking the popcorn on my stovetop. Everything was going swimmingly for the first 2-3 minutes. As the popcorn begins to sizzle and make noise you're supposed to begin moving the container in a rapid circular motion, which I did. Then the popcorn started popping like crazy, as it's supposed to. So again, everything seemed like it was going great....until the foil dome that contains all the popcorn abruptly broke open mid-pop and cooked and uncooked kernels alike dumped all over the scorching hot burner.

From there it's pretty self-explanatory as to what happened. The kernels began sizzling and burning on the stove and there was smoke everywhere. Of course it wasn't easy to clear the stuff off the burner since it was so hot so I had to grab a spatula and basically sweep the top of my stove off with it. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the smoke tripped the kitchen smoke alarm. And it THAT wasn't bad enough, all the alarms in our house are linked... So you can put the rest together yourselves.

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