How many of you have been curious about the tiny house takeover in Maine? We as Mainers love our stuff, don't we? Our toys, if you will, ATVs, snowmobiles, side by sides, dirtbikes, and we always need somewhere to store all of these things so naturally, we have big houses with big yards.

However, this tiny house in Monmouth is a modern spacious 34' bedroom over Gooseneck and is absolutely stunning! I personally would take a tour of this location.

Listed on Tiny House Listings, It's a brand new one bedroom, one bathroom, with a large living room and a full-size oven. It's 200 square feet with a 12' foot loft!

If you like modern living spaces with the cutest windows and warm living space, this home is for you!

In addition, this feature an ash slab countertop with a durable and long-lasting exterior with a metal roof and siding. My personal favorite highlight is the reclaimed oak and pine throughout the house.  Reclaiming wood is very trendy right now.

This house also lets you breathe easy with the built-in erv and has a waterproof floor! Also included is an instant gas water heater.

The house was listed at $110,000 back in July of 2021 and now the price has dropped to $95,000! So for just under 100k, you can own your own tiny house locally in Maine.

It may be tough for us to be tiny house people, however, the number of Mainers that are living in tiny homes is growing. The best feature about living in a tiny space is the cost. You're bills go so far down that you almost feel rich. This is if you buy the home and do not have to pay a mortgage.

Let's be honest, living in an 8ft house would be something to get used to, but many are making this their lifestyle now!

According to Tiny House, the average height of a tiny house is 13.5 feet tall, so the height of your house would be a little more than two Michaels Jordans stacked on top of each other. Which isn't bad at all!

The length could only be up to 30 feet long, so there's that. In addition, BB Tiny Houses says an 8 1/2 foot width is standard in tiny houses because that's the maximum width that can safely travel down roads without an oversize permit.

Best part is that tiny homes are legal now!  According to The Sun Journal, back in August, Janet Mills said,  “Any lot that you're allowed to put a family home, you can put a tiny home on. You have to meet the standards of single-family homes and the requirements under Maine state law.”

Check out all the photos of this beautiful mobile tiny house in Monmouth below!

This Cute Tiny House for Sale in Central Maine Has a Cozy Little Loft

A tiny house in Monmouth is the perfect cozy and modern spot for you if you're interested in being a homeowner! It is listed by Tiny House Listings.

Check out 26 Barnett Way, Belgrade ME below!

The cheapest house for sale in Belgrade, Maine has a Jacuzzi tub!

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