In use from 1950 to 1994, Loring AFB was named for Air Force Major Charles Loring, a Maine native who lost his life during the Korean War.  Located in the Northern Maine town of Limestone, it was one of the largest SAC bomber bases of the Cold War.

Since the base's closure in 1994, it has become the home to a Job Corps training facility, an office for Bigelow Aerospace,some light manufacturing, and the base has hosted two Phish concerts.

Still, much of the base remains unused with hangers, the control tower, and various other buildings sitting abandoned.


From the looks of this video, most of it was taken near the base's flightline.

Here's a bonus video taken in the fall.

Actually, one of the funnest things I ever had a chance to do was work cleanup after the second Phish concert.  Not because I spent hot summer days picking up discarded camping gear and rotting organic produce, but because I had a chance to drive my car down unused (but still in great shape) runways.


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