I was visiting a friend in Manchester and took ShadowDog for a little walk when I noticed these huge holes in one of the trees. They were, of course, made by a woodpecker. Let’s call him Woody.  Scroll down for some close-up photos. 

I had been watching this poor tree become more and more damaged over the winter; however, I had not seen Woody. I had an idea that he would be hard to miss. 

In my mind, the bird would be about three feet tall and weighing fifty pounds. I ASSUMED that the birds who could do this much damage and so quickly would have to be a very…big…bird…and I assumed the noise would ring for miles. 

It turns out woodpeckers are not that big and not do not make as much noise I would have expected. I did not get a photo of Woody, the woodpecker who is so enchanted with this tree because he (I am just assuming it’s a male, I have no idea) is small. He appeared to be less than a foot tall.  

I even hoped online to see if I could find out what type of woodpecker Woody maybe. What I have learned is Maine has not one, not two, but nine different types of woodpeckers...who know? 

Based on their photos on the Maine.gov website and my very sketchy glimpse of Woody, I think he is the downy woodpecker. That is my best guess. 

The woodpecker species aside, I am so impressed how quickly Woody did the amount of damage this winter all over this poor tree. Thankfully, this tree is not near the house, or I am sure Woody’s tap-tap-tapping would have been a problem.

Woodpecker Damage to a Manchester tree


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